A rough guide to help you prosper in the carpet-tiled trenches

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My colleague got fired. She was bold, brash, and had a loose tongue.

It blindsided her because she was young, impetuous and didn’t yet understand how the corporate world worked.

I’ve seen this happen dozens of times in my 19 years of office work; people come in naively assuming their…

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tony Robbins affiliated coaching but were too afraid to ask

Tony – In a positive “state”

Note: This article is also a YouTube video if you want to watch that.

That stupid advert kept popping up on Facebook. “Be the best you” or “Super power your life” or whatever it said.

It was one of those adverts where someone good looking smiles into the sunshine, dressed…

Never pay to play, write, perform or create — It’s exploitation

Play for free? Sure. Play to play? No way. (Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash)

I’m on a couple of Facebook groups for Medium writers. Recently, there was a post asking if anyone – theoretically – would pay to be a writer for a Medium publication.

That’s pay to write. Unsurprisingly, the response was a resounding “no”.

The person asking was clearly putting out feelers…

The daily practice of cold exposure and breathing exercises that will change your life

Photo by Isaac Burke on Unsplash

Doctors and swab-taking, needle-poking nurses have said for years I don’t have an immune deficiency but that didn’t stop me from ending up in the hospital several times from immune responses that were akin to blowing up a house just because a window needs replacing.

My immune system is over-reactive…


Wishing for realty to be different isn’t going to help you

Credit: Freepic.diller on Freepik.com

“It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.” — Albert Camus

Money doesn’t make you happy but poverty makes you miserable. You need money. Don’t believe otherwise.

I’ve been poor, several times. The last time was these past two years when I…

Jamie Jackson

Between two skies and towards the night.

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