A rough guide to help you prosper in the carpet-tiled trenches

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My colleague got fired. She was bold, brash, and had a loose tongue.

It blindsided her because she was young, impetuous and didn’t yet understand how the corporate world worked.

I’ve seen this happen dozens of times in my 19 years of office work; people come in naively assuming their…

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tony Robbins affiliated coaching but were too afraid to ask

Tony – In a positive “state”

Note: This article is also a YouTube video if you want to watch that.

That stupid advert kept popping up on Facebook. “Be the best you” or “Super power your life” or whatever it said.

It was one of those adverts where someone good looking smiles into the sunshine, dressed…

A proper and sensible critique of the en vogue philosophy

Source: Wikimedia — Creative commons license

Stoicism; ancient Roman emperors and Greek guys in togas telling you how to live. I dunno man, feels kind of lame to me.

I blame Ryan Holiday. He almost single-handedly dragged Stoicism back to life after it had been dead and buried for two thousand years and now everyone is…

“Don’t manage change, lead it!” Says leader singer Zack

RATM — Source: Wikimedia Commons

Los Angeles based protest-rockers Rage Against the Machine are rebranding themselves as motivational speakers, it has been reported.

Lead singer and all-round angry fellow, Zack de la Rocha, attended a Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ weekend and has since decided to ditch negative protest for what he calls “active…

His words made me stop dreaming and start doing.

Credit: Freepik.com

It’s not the quality of your answers that matter in life, it’s the quality of your questions.

Life has no answers, only best guesses, arbitrary moralisations and experiences. Ask why enough and everything is a mystery.

Answers won’t save you, questions will.

Good questions give you direction. What do you…

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Between two skies and towards the night.

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